THE-PULSAR project was started by Alexey Boitsov and Vladimir Sokoushin in 1996 in St Petersburg. The musicians were inspired by such EBM classics as Front 242 &Front Line Assembly. For the reason that tough electronic music and dark' culture in general are not very popular in Russia, THE-PULSAR remained un the shade till the year 2005. During this time the musicians released two albums: (Universe - 1996 (demo), Revolution - 1999 (Manchester files) and ЕР (When Your Body Die - 1997 (demo). In 2004 one more participant, Sergey Naan, joined the group. The project became popular in 2005, after the Awakening album release by Advoxya records. Since that time the group gives lots of concerts, including joint ones with other musicians. THE-PULSAR played on the same stage with the following famous Russian and European groups: Haujobb and Colony 5, Alteraforma and Wavefall


- Alexey Boitsov – vocal, programming

- Vladimir Sokoushin – programming

- Valentina Vekshina – drums

- Sergey Naan – programming(studio)


- Alexander Suslov (1996-1998)

- Alexander Nevsky – guitar(2012-2013)


«Universe» - 1996 (demo)

«When Your Body Die» - 1997 (demo)

«Revolution» - 1999 (manchester files)

«Awakening» - 2005 (advoxya records)

«Re-Wakening» - 2006 (advoxya records)

«Revolution-Reloaded» - 2007 (advoxya records)

«Never» - 2008 (advoxya records)

«Transformation Of The Flight» - 2012 (advoxya records)